Ford Cortina Nameplate Overview


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The Cortina nameplate is a classic family automobile that was built for 20 years from 1962 to 1982. The Ford Cortina was built for the "Ford of Britain" UK market. The Cortina was built across five generations signified as Mark I, II, III, IV and V with the later generations sharing many similarities with the Ford Taurus. The Cortina nameplate is actually derived from the Italian ski resort called Cortina d'Ampezzo which was the site of the 1956 Winter Olympics.

Cortina Mark I Specifications (1962 - 1966)

Cortina Mark II Specifications (1967 - 1970)

Cortina Mark III Specifications (1971 - 1976)

Cortina Mark IV Specifications (1977 - 1979)

Cortina Mark V Specifications (1980 - 1982)