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Ford Logo About Ford Motor Company
Founded in 1903, Ford makes Automobiles and Auto Parts and provides Vehicle Financing, Leasing and Service. On top of the Ford brand, Ford Motor Company also currently owns and operates the Lincoln marques. In the past Ford also owned and operated other popular automotive brands as well. (See Below)


FORD: US Based Sold to Global Markets
LINCOLN: North America & Middle East
MERCURY: North America Only
EDSEL: North America Only
JAGUAR: UK Based Sold Globally
ASTON MARTIN: UK Based Sold Globally
VOLVO: Sweden Based Sold to Globally
LAND ROVER: UK Based Sold Globally


1903 - Present
1922 - Present
1939 - 2011
1958 - 1960
1989 - 2008
1989 - 2007
1999 - 2010
2000 - 2008

Craigslist Ford Ford is by popular opinion the most iconic auto brand in America, having revolutionized personal transportation with the Model T in 1908; Ford got America off of horses and behind the wheel. The obsession with automobiles in the US has only continued to grow over the past 100 years.

Craigslist Ford Dealership With full service dealerships and state of the art facilities all over the globe, Ford has become the second largest US based automaker and the 5th most prominent in the entire world based on vehicle sales. On top of this Ford whit the 8th overall American company on the Fortune 500 List. The Ford operation includes $118.3 Billion in revenue, 5.5 million autos and 213K employees across 90 plants.

Used Ford For Sale on Craigslist

Benefits of Buying a Ford from Private Seller:
There are many benefits of buying a used Ford vehicle through Craigslist from a private seller. Listed below are a few of the potential benefits but does not include them all.

On top of these benefits there is also the simple fact that certain vintage model Fords are simply not available at many dealerships, such as the Fairmont, Falcon, Pinto, T-Bird, Fairlane and Model A.

New or Certified Pre-Owned Ford

Ford Dealer Benefits:
There are however some major benefits to buying a new or certified pre-owned vehicle from a licensed Ford dealer. The major benefits are listed below.

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